Formed in 2009 by Lucas Mann, RINGS OF SATURN wasn’t made just to be a studio project but rather a fully-fledged band. The interstellar beings contacted Mann after he opened an inter-dimensional portal using the art of shred. For years after, they would speak to Mann in archaic Sumerian of their invasion plans. The interactions, or rather instructions, prompted Mann to write the music in response. Albums of complex, experimental, and sonically heavy music followed. 'Embryonic Anomaly' (2009 - self-released / 2010 - Unique Leader), 'Dingir' (2012 - Unique Leader), 'Lugal Ki En (2014 - Unique Leader), 'Ultu Ulla' (2017 - Nuclear Blast), and 'Gidim' (2019 - Nuclear Blast) were the byproduct of Mann absorbing, reinterpreting, and projecting back a language resonant from another world.

“I use a lot of music theory, but am not boxed in by it,” says Mann. “I don’t want to be held down by an outside construct. With music, it’s all pretty much been done before to some degree. But as far as my shredding goes, I create my own artificial scales, I use a lot of diminished phrasing, I use a lot of whole tone arpeggios, and the band uses these shapes that I have crafted - especially with arpeggios - from the beginning. I definitely have my own pattern and stylistic vision with RINGS. The technical ability is more about muscle memory, which is more like playing in the pocket. It’s very hard for new people to play RINGS. They’re usually not used to the shapes I play. Most of the time they’re like, ‘Woah, this is weird.’ But it’s supposed to be that way. It’s not supposed to feel comfortable, but once you play the music for a while it all makes sense. RINGS OF SATURN is new, experimental, and made to inspire people’s own playing without creative limitations.”

RINGS OF SATURN 2019 Tour Dates


16.10. USA Phoenix, AZ - Club Red
17.10. USA Los Angeles, CA - 1720
18.10. USA Sacramento, CA - Holy Diver
19.10. USA Portland, OR - Bit House Saloon *NEW VENUE*
20.10. USA Seattle, WA - El Corazón
21.10. USA Bend, OR - The Domino Room
22.10. USA Jerome, ID - Diamondz Event Center
23.10. USA Salt Lake City, UT - In the Venue
25.10. USA Denver, CO - The Oriental Theater
26.10. USA Lawrence, KS - The Bottleneck
27.10. USA Minneapolis, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Hall
28.10. USA Milwaukee, WI - X-Ray Arcade
29.10. USA Grand Rapids, MI - The Stache
30.10. USA Joliet, IL - The Forge
31.10. USA Indianapolis, IN - The Citadel Music Hall
01.11. USA Lakewood, OH - Phantasy Nightclub
02.11. USA Columbus, OH - Skully’s Music-Diner
03.11. CDN Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground
04.11. CDN Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
05.11. CDN Montréal, QC - Les Foufounes Électriques
06.11. CDN Québec City, QC - La Source de la Martinière
07.11. USA Worcester, MA - The Palladium (Upstairs)
08.11. USA Amityville, NY - Revolution Bar & Music Hall
09.11. USA Harrisburg, PA - Midtown Arts Center
10.11. USA Pittsburgh, PA - The Rex Theater
11.11. USA Richmond, VA - The Canal Club
12.11. USA Greensboro, NC - The Blind Tiger
13.11. USA Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade (Purgatory)
14.11. USA New Orleans, LA - Southport Hall
15.11. USA Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
16.11. USA Houston, TX - Scout Bar
17.11. USA Austin, TX - Come and Take It Live




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